Freeman on the Land: A Strawman Filled With Gold

Get ready to learn a thing or two about how to avoid paying taxes, never having to worry about a parking ticket, and a sure-fire way to lose in court.  We’re going deep on Freeman on the Land, a legal argument to invalidate all laws except for the best kind: common law. If you’re wonderingContinue reading “Freeman on the Land: A Strawman Filled With Gold”

Legend of the Abominable Snowman: Don’t You Forget About Yeti

The legend of the yeti has been around since before people were writing things down, but was the first record dates back to Alexander the Great. The story captured the attention of the public in the west after climbers returned from the Himalayas with tales of the beast in the 1920s, and we’ve been tryingContinue reading “Legend of the Abominable Snowman: Don’t You Forget About Yeti”

Piracy in the 21st-Century: Captain Phillips is Allegedly a Dick

It’s part two of our private plank walk into the subject of piracy. Instead of swashbucklers, we’ve got the modern miscreants of the sea who can be found all over the world.  Learn about the response from the industry piracy threatens, how these desperados actually operate, a weird amount of navy stories, and the factContinue reading “Piracy in the 21st-Century: Captain Phillips is Allegedly a Dick”

Historic Piracy: The Pirates of Lake Ontario and Other Places

Hold on to your parrots, we’re stepping into the Wayback Machine to take a look at some notable times for pirates throughout history. Learn about the pirate queen who untied her kingdoms (and married her son), who the incredibly powerful Buccaneers were, and why you don’t fuck with the Portuguese. It’s part one of ourContinue reading “Historic Piracy: The Pirates of Lake Ontario and Other Places”

Governments & Human Experimentation: Exchanging Humanity For Science

Institutional indifference is on full display lately, and if it feels like governments and institutions have always been like this, you might not be wrong. In a few select snippets from history, learn of some of the most brutal and senseless experiments run by governments on its own people, prisoners, and anyone else valued lessContinue reading “Governments & Human Experimentation: Exchanging Humanity For Science”

Aphrodisiacs: Gladiator Sweat & Tiger Penis

Put the kids to bed, squeeze into a rubber unitard, and snort a line of whale vomit off your lover’s belly. Learn some of histories most beautiful and unusual aphrodisiacs. From the ancient Greeks to modern upper-class dining on all manner of strange stimulants that have kept things spicy. Warning: The Unusual Show is notContinue reading “Aphrodisiacs: Gladiator Sweat & Tiger Penis”

Island Gigantism & Dwarfism: The Big/Little Man Walks Alone

Nature is a bizarre cacophony of strange phenomena and patterns, one of the most interesting is that when animals become isolated they can grow much larger than their normal size, or in some cases, shrink down. It’s a tale of many creatures living and extinct, including a funny little human creature, on a place affectionallyContinue reading “Island Gigantism & Dwarfism: The Big/Little Man Walks Alone”

Tekashi 6ix9ine: The Complete Story of the Troll King (of New York)

At the end of 2019, Tekashi 6ix9ine was in jail, written off as a footnote in modern hip-hop. Since his early release he’s released a new single, set Instagram record, and begun pissing people off all over again. Learn how Danny Hernandez transformed himself into 69, the path that saw him flirting with the lifeContinue reading “Tekashi 6ix9ine: The Complete Story of the Troll King (of New York)”

Mind Menagerie: Mascot Thunderdome

Every ten episodes we get a little weird over here at Unusual HQ, and for our fortieth, we’re picking a collection mythological, zoological specimens as we decide which beast will rep the company moving forward. Learn about Spring Heel Jack, Hecatoncheires (the hundred handed ones), tardigrades, and more. Whoever thought we could sustain the dreamContinue reading “Mind Menagerie: Mascot Thunderdome”