Cephalopod Intelligence Agency: How Smart is your Octopus?

With nine brains, eight legs, three hearts, and one beak that was made for loving you (baby), cephalopods are some of the smartest non-vertebrate on the planet. Learn how to escape a jar from the inside, why scientists think these smaller krakens are so smart, and more as we unlock the secrets of cephalopod intelligence.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan and the Rus Vikings: Chieftain Funeral Cookout

Ahmad ibn Fadlan was an Islamic theologian and diplomat sent to instruct the Volga Bulgars in the ways of his religion. Writing about his travels, he’s most known for his detailed observations of Viking traders from Sweden called the Varangians. Learn the hidden secrets of the shared washbowl, a chieftain’s burial, and how to learnContinue reading “Ahmad ibn Fadlan and the Rus Vikings: Chieftain Funeral Cookout”

The Free Wales Army & MAC: The Armed Welsh Insurgency

Not content leaving the armed rebellion to other celts, in the 1960s Welsh nationalism’s most extreme members formed into various militant groups. Learn how Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru and the Wales Free army was launched, their bombing campaigns inside the UK, and the comedy of errors that followed them everywhere.